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i speak LIFE

Self - Expression

World - Outreach

People - Progression

Who is Chiccy Baritone ?

Charlene Evans, affectionately named Chiccy Baritone, had no idea that performing a monologue called, "Black Love" by Gwendolyn Brooks for her high school pageant would be the beginning of her love for poetry. It was there that her love for the spoken word was cultivated and has now grown to include keynotes at corporate events and national organizations, voice-overs, a documentary production, conferences, open-mics, features and so much more. As both a professional and poet, her combination of spiritual and artistic flair gives her a stimulating versatility.

Chiccy Baritone infuses a love for words and inspiration into her poetry. Her soulful style allows her to connect with every person in the room. She empowers others to express themselves as they connect to her melodic voice, her story, and her enthusiasm for life.

Chiccy's rhetorical style centers around speaking life-giving words. She has a powerful poetic delivery and her speaking engagements allow her to exactly do what God created her to do: Speak Life.

Chiccy's goal: To touch your heart with her words. She coined the mantra that represents her: Self-Expression, World Outreach, and People Progression. Each of these themes is intertwined throughout her address where she compels her listeners to reflect on self-expression, reaching out to the world, and progressing in self-development.

Reviews of My Work

“I heard Chiccy Baritone speak at an event in 2019 and was immediately mesmerized and captivated. The second she opened her mouth to deliver her poetry the room was immediately still. The second time she went up to perform I knew to hit record on my phone because I knew that anything she said I wanted to have a recording of! She is the definition of pure talent, and her ability to command the room is spectacular.

Since that initial meeting, I have since gained a working relationship with Chiccy as her copy editor for her two books, Healing On The Other Side & Pomegranate: The Sweet And Bitter Seeds Of Life. She is a gifted and vulnerable writer. She is not only eloquent but unique.

Chiccy Baritone exudes excellence in all she does. To put it bluntly, she shows up in a bold way and has the talent and experience to back it up! Whether it be through pen or mic, she delivers!”

Andrea C. Jasmin
ACJ Editorial Services

“Charlene was great to work with. She recorded an on-camera voiceover for us and she nailed it. It was exactly what we were looking for. I appreciated her attention to detail and the talent she is blessed with. Charlene is a pro in every sense and I look forward to our next project.”

Donato M. Rondinelli
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“I met Charlene for the first time in 2014. We had invited her as one of the headline artists for the UNMASKED spoken word event in Pretoria, South Africa. Needless to say, she left a lasting impression. She is not just a talented artist, she is also an exceptional human being. I am glad we had that first interaction because it laid the foundation for other collaborations that later followed, including our INDELIBLE music album featuring one of her beautiful pieces. As I witness the many ways the Chiccy Baritone brand continues to impact lives, I feel blessed that I can say I personally know Charlene - a woman whose voice resounds and whose words are creating change .”

Adebayo Okeowo
Founder and Team Lead
In His Steps Movement

“I have had the opportunity and privilege of having Chiccy Baritone host my Dinner Theatre Show at the West End Community Center, located in Greenville, SC in 2018. Chiccy was excellent in interacting with the audience. She carried herself in a professional manner, she was humble, and helpful in making the event a success. I look forward to working with her in the near future.”

Kimberly Cooper
Founder, CEO
Culture Of Fears Production LLC

“The organization in which I served as the Career Development Specialist, gave me the privilege of coordinating an Employee Appreciation week. Little did they know I had something up my sleeve.....Charlene "Chiccy Baritone" Evans. When reaching out to Chiccy and expressing my intentions of her being the headliner for entertainment, she gladly accepted. The caliber of this event would prove to be something the college had never experienced before. Needless to say, the prolific words of Chiccy Baritone left my colleagues in awe and led quite a few to tears that welled from their penetrated souls. Chiccy is a trailblazer in her own right and someone who is consistently dynamic in her delivery.”

Vanessa "Nessa" Logan
Founder, CEO
N.E.S.S.A In Your Neighborhood

“We had the opportunity to interview Charlene “Chiccy Baritone” Evans on the teen talk show and one of the things I loved is that she taught me more about poetry than school ever has. The poetry school teaches has no emotion or feelings but when Chiccy Baritone read her poem I felt the emotion behind it and it opened my eyes to the POWER behind poetry.”

Tiras S.
Nothing Ordinary for TEENS - Intern

“The first time I heard Charlene “Chiccy Baritone’s” voice I knew we had to engage her in the work of The Spartanburg County Foundation. She so very capably articulated the story of a recipient of the Mary L. Thomas Award at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting that captivated our audience! Her passion and ability to connect with audiences of all kinds of diverse backgrounds is palpable. Because of her authentic expression of words and storytelling, I also invited her to speak to our Grassroots Leadership Development Institute which consists of 30 plus grassroots leaders throughout our county. Charlene demonstrates the importance of making your voice heard and known in order to be an advocate for change. She delivers, every time and can be counted on to leave a lasting impact with the power of her “voice.””

Mary L. Thomas
Chief Operating Officer
The Spartanburg County Foundation

“Charlene “Chiccy Baritone” Evans is a modern day phenomenon, with an ancient soul. She speaks messages for these times, but with the wisdom of the prophets of old. She has her pulse on the rhythm of this present age and her ear pressed to the heart of God. It was an honor to have her as the featured poet/speaker at the 2018 I’m God’s Girl For Real Conference. With nearly 200 women present, the room hushed as Charlene “Chiccy Baritone” mesmerized us with her unique gift. We left that setting…forever her fans.”

Dr. Katrina Hutchins
Re-Source Solutions, Inc.

“Charlene has served as a Mentor for an annual speed mentoring event hosted by my non profit organization, enLife. Charlene has proven to be compassionate and consistent. She always shows up prepared to fully engage and speak life into these aspiring young women. As a result, we have requested her presence at a number of these events because she offers a unique presence and perspective each time.”

Tammy J. Carpenter
Founder & Director

My Publications

Pomegranate: The Sweet And Bitter Seeds Of Life is a collection of written poetry that spans over 20 years. Some of these poems like, “GAP,” “MakeOver,” “Custom Made,” “LIPS – Proverbs 18:21” can be heard on Chiccy Baritone’s Poetry CD, “Wildflower – Vol. I”. The heart of Chiccy Baritone has remained motivated by Self-Expression | World Outreach | People Progression creating poetic work that intertwines her love for God and life through varies ‘seeds’ that leave stains---just like the potent, bold and messy juice of a Pomegranate.

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Pomegranate: The Sweet And Bitter Seeds Of Life Journal is comprised of 31 personal quotes by Poet Chiccy Baritone.

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Healing On The Other Side is a memoir about my mother, Viola Evans. Her story is one that many people may relate to themselves, or know of someone who shares a similar narrative: A loving wife and mother with amazing girlfriends that never met a stranger. A magnet to people because of her infectious personality, laugh, and spirit. This book shares her story of encountering multiple health issues that bring her family and friends to a place of prayer, hope, and healing. But will that healing take place on earth or on the other side? This journey is documented through a series of emails that turned into devotionals and now a book. The uncertainty of life is filled with laughter, tears, fear, hope, and love which are displayed through a journey that has more ups and downs than a rollercoaster ride at an amusement park. A journey that changes the lives of everyone connected to her.

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